Having a stone chip or crack in your windshield can be an annoyance. You can contact the experts at Auto Glass Changers to assist you with repairs. It is imperative you seek a well-trained auto glass technician as soon you notice a crack, or chip in your windshield. There are many stone chip repair service experts in the Whitby auto glass area. It is extremely common for stone chips to occur with new construction taking place, windy weather or other unpredictable occurrences. The auto glass experts at Auto Changers can work to repair a stone chip before it becomes a crack, which is an even bigger problem and a huge safety hazard. Many people have a tendency to ignore stone chips thinking they are not that big of a deal because they don't cause any visibility issues. This is a mistake.

Many auto glass professionals know that a stone chip can cause you to be distracted if you are constantly looking at it, and it can also very easily become a much larger crack. Many auto glass experts suggest inspecting your windshields regularly for any abnormalities. There are many things you can do to prevent the need for stone chip repair. You can keep your local auto glass shop busy if you are constantly following too closely behind large construction trucks. Try not to tailgate large vehicles and this will go a long way in preventing stone chips. Sometimes you may not know how a chip got onto your windshield. The experts at Whitby auto glass shops have seen an increase in the amount of cases where people have returned to their car in a parking lot to find a stone chip. You need to remain aware of your surroundings and try to choose a safe place to park.

Maintaining a normal speed on the highway can help prevent you from requiring the services of an auto glass technician. It is not recommended to leave a stone chip in your windshield for more than 5 days. Companies serving the Whitby area have reported that when people come in and get their chip repairs done immediately, it is often an easier and less expensive than waiting too long. Another mistake people make in the GTA region is attempting to repair a stone chip on their own with a DIY repair kit. These repair kits available for purchase are not very effective, and certainly won't provide the quality of fix that an auto glass professional can. The Auto Glass Changers will actually give you a lifetime warranty when we do the work for you. Winter is known as peak season for auto glass shops to see an increase in chipped, cracked or broken glass.

Hail can be a major cause of stone chips in the winter months. Winter is also the time when you have to scrape ice and snow off of your car because of the over-night build up. Shops in the Mississauga district see an increase in the amount of scratched or cracked windows in winter because of this. Another thing you can do to prevent damage to your windshield is to ensure sure your wipers are in good working order. Damage to wiper blades can often cause damage to your windshield. The experts in the Whitby auto glass region recommend changing your wipers at the first signs of wear and tear. Winter months are also prone to having icy road conditions which leads to more accidents.

Auto glass shops see an increase in the amount of windshield repairs needed in winter due to accidents. The best thing you can do in the winter months is to provide yourself with lots of extra time so that you can drive cautiously. Auto glass companies see a lot of windshields that are broken as a result of preventable accidents. It is very important that you take extra care of your windshield during the winter months. Ensure that your car isn't sitting outside for long periods of time without having the windshield cleared. If you aren't driving it every day, you should clear the windshield for its protection.

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