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Driving on the highway frequently can result in stone chip damage to many windshields. Large trucks can easily toss up small stones from under their tires, hitting your windshield and creating a noticeable bullet-sized hole or crack line on your auto glass. So what should you do when that happens? One thing is for sure; don't just leave it alone. You could buy some epoxy and try to fix it yourself, but having the right kind of experience really does matter in these situations. Scarborough auto glass experts recommend that you call in the professionals for your auto glass repair. This is largely due to the sensitivity of the job at hand. If you attempt to fix the auto glass without a keen eye or steady hand, you could improperly seal the crack, leaving it vulnerable to even further spreading.

Scarborough Auto GlassSome cases do call for more serious action, but how do you know if you will have to replace the whole windshield? While some cases of auto glass damage do require a full replacement of your windshield, many times smaller cracks can still be repaired. Immediately taking the size of the crack into consideration can help clue you into what the cost will be, and those no larger than a half dollar can most likely be candidates for a more cost-effective stone chip repair. In most scenarios, time is of the essence! If left untreated, the chip will likely spread and form a much larger crack on your windshield. Extreme weather is an additional threat to these auto glass conditions, and added pressure of temperature change can elongate the crack. This usually ends with the worst-case scenario, where a more expensive auto glass replacement service will be needed. Scarborough auto glass experts can attend to those cracks before they even become a nuisance, and using a professional can offer the added assurance that you are safe driving behind your windshield.

Scarborough Auto GlassRepairing the crack on your own with an at-home kit might be possible, but it also may not be performed properly or fix the unsightly mark very well. It is always safest to have a professional technician perform the repair work. When repaired correctly, the damage on your windshield can all but disappear. So consult with a certified windshield repair technician to evaluate the damage to your auto glass, and find out if a quick and cost-effective stone chip repair is possible! Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We operate you from huge warehouse with large selections and mobile services to serve you better. Our Scarborough auto glass technicians provide all types of auto glass repair and replacement services, from stone chip repair, to windshield replacement, to rear view mirror replacement. Don't take the chance of causing more harm than good with an at-home kit. Contact our friendly team today, and find out how easy it is to feel at ease.

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