Many people residing in the Richmond Hill auto glass neighbourhood are unaware that there are two different types of auto glass available. Windshield glass is specifically designed for automobiles. It has been manufactured in a unique way by auto glass manufactures. Safety glass is used to make all auto glass as it is durable and decreases the likelihood of injury if an object causes it to break. Laminated glass, and tempered glass are the two different types of glass used to make windshields in the Richmond Hill region. The invention of laminated glass came about in 1903 by a highly intelligent French man who excelled in the auto glass industry. The sole purpose of this glass is to hold together without shattering. It is composed of many layers of glass and contains polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or, ethylene vinyl (EVA). Every vehicle in the Richmond Hill region is required to have a windshield that is made up of laminated glass.

In having a proper windshield, residents reduce the risk of dying due to a faulty windshield. The speed limit on most streets in the Richmond Hill area is 70 km/h or higher. The number of speeding tickets given out each month, amount to over 500. Most drivers fail to understand how much of an impact hitting a car head on, while going at such high speeds can make. Due to the number of fatalities in the Richmond Hill district, government leaders made it a requirement to have safety glass. After this law was passed, the number of fatalities caused due to un-safe windshield glass in the Richmond Hill sector, decreased by 60%. Windshields are great protectors for drivers/passengers who are not wearing a seat belt. Top auto glass managers urge all drivers to wear a seat belt, but, not every vehicle is equipped with one. As most people know, school buses and public transportation in the Richmond Hill do not have seat beats for every passenger. As a result, passengers rely on the durability of the auto glass.

Last winter, there were over five bus accidents that occurred in the Richmond Hill auto glass school district. With accidents happening so frequently, manufacturers must ensure the auto glass is secure. Tempered glass is another type of safety glassed used by auto glass store owners on the back and side windows of an automobile. Children and babies are normally present in the back seats of cars. This is a fact that the early technicians in the auto glass field had to consider. It was an important point to note because, they had to create a glass that would not be durable, but avoid cutting through the flesh of small children and babies. When tempered glass is hit, it breaks in tiny pieces. Intelligent workers in the auto glass industry made these pieces dull. As a result, when the glass is shattered, it does not cut into flesh like regular glass. This invention has altered many lives in the Richmond Hill area. Tempered glass and Laminate glass are very similar. They are strong, durable, and do not shatter when hit by objects.

However, leading industry workers in the Richmond Hill auto glass stores are not able to repair tempered glass. Over 90% of the time, windows in the back need to be fully replaced. Auto glass experts are able to repair laminated glass, which is the glass used to make a windshield. Keeping the glass at sides, and back end of your car safe are very crucial if you want to save multiple trips to the auto glass stores. At fault car accidents are one of the number one causes for shattered glass at the side of the car. A lot of drivers in the Richmond Hill region fail to check their blind spot when turning. In failing to check your blind spot, you can hit another vehicle. If this vehicle is large, more damage will be done to your car. In 2014, over 2,000 customers walked into auto glass corporations due to damage caused by reckless driving. It has been recorded that over $5,000 per month is spent on the replacement of glass in the Richmond Hill area, which, could have been avoided. Driving safely saves you money, the lives of many people, and your auto glass. Another major factor that results in broken tempered glass is car theft. The auto glass sector experiences over 300 cases of car theft on a bi-monthly basis.

It is a great idea to install an alarm system in your vehicle so that less damage is done. In addition, it is important to avoid leaving top quality items in your car. Most auto glass store owners service clients who have been victims of theft. There are a lot of good people in this world, and just as many bad people. It is important to remember that at any time in the Richmond Hill neighbourhood, you can be targeted by robbers. Chips and cracks can occur in both tempered glass, and laminated glass. Repairing the damage is crucial for the safety of all drivers in the city of Richmond Hill. Maintaining regular repairs avoids serious injury or death. Last year, over 4,000 customers who refused to visit a trained auto glass professional right away, were seriously injured due to objects that flew into their already damaged auto glass. Avoiding injury is one of the main reasons why the auto glass industry experts at Auto Glass Changers work every day. Safe habits lead to healthy lives. Auto glass, does its job, with its many layers, premium quality, and durability, it is able to decrease the number of deaths on a yearly basis. Repairing your auto glass today, can save many lives for tomorrow!

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