Damaged windshields have been the cause of many fatal accidents in the North York auto glass community. Cars are structured in such a way that each part relies on the other. Many residents are not aware that a correctly installed and undamaged windshield is needed in order for the passenger airbags to function properly. A lot of auto glass experts fix hundreds of windshields each year that are shattered due to the airbag being deployed. If a windshield has a chip or a break, and the airbag is deployed, it can crack your windshield. Hundreds of auto glass technicians come across windshields that were damaged by airbags each year.

Glass particles from the passenger side of the windshield will most likely cut the person sitting in the passenger side. In the North York region, this is not a problem for drivers who follow the motor vehicle laws. Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. Over 200 cars are pulled over each month by local police officers in the North York precinct because drivers have failed to repair windshield cracks. This number grows on a monthly basis resulting in suspended licenses, high fines and court cases. Auto glass workers have heard of many cases that could have been prevented had the driver fixed their windshield. Windshield wipers rely on a properly installed and functioning windshield. To avoid injury, auto glass a safety experts encourage all residents to listen out for odd sounds as their windshield wipers move back and forth along the glass. When cracks are present, windshield wipers can become damaged. As a result, most auto glass stores are forced to stock up on windshield wipers. When an object is already warn out, constant friction will eventually cause it to break. Tons of glass repair workers collectively reported that 5% of windshield cracks last winter were caused by windshield wipers constantly rubbing on a cracked spot.

Drivers with extensively damaged windshields are encouraged by certified experts within the North York auto glass industry to refrain from operating the vehicle. It is crucial to understand that many accidents can be caused do the driver's inability to see. The top auto glass entrepreneurs have made it their duty to offer mobile services to drivers with extensively broken windshields. Since this feature has been added, the auto glass accounting team has seen a substantial boost in sales. There are many people who believe replacing an auto glass is an effortless procedure. The number of home remedies that certified technicians hear about each day are countless. Drivers are asked to avoid hiring someone who is not qualified to fix their windshield, or, avoid doing it themselves.

For safety reasons, it is wise to allow the Auto Changers crew repair your windshield. Auto glasses are fixed with special adhesives. You will not find such products in the store, or at someone's home. If you do happen to find a product, and you insist on giving it a try, please contact a auto glass technician beforehand. Attempting to repair your windshield yourself could also result in serious injury. Auto glass has certain soft spots that can shatter when touched. Only a trained team of experts are well aware of these areas. Repairing a windshield is not a simple procedure and it should never be taken lightly. A small chip can quickly transform into a crack if a trained auto glass operator is not repairing it. In 2014 alone, hospitals received over two thousand visits every 6 months from vehicle owners who attempted to repair their windshield themselves.

Taking into the account the number of injuries that occur when residents try to repair auto glass without an auto glass representative present is very important for the safety of many people. When glass is extremely cold, it becomes very fragile. During these cold months, a lot of ice is present. Driving along the local highway, in very cold months, could result in ice chipping a windshield. This is a common issue in the Greater Toronto Area and is very well known in the Auto Glass industry. Responsive auto glass staff members encourage residents to drive with care during such cold weather and prepare for damage. Luckily, a small chip is an easy fix. However, if that chip is left for too long, it will grow and turn into a crack. Drivers in the North York region should be more inclined to repair a chip when the weather is cold.

Temperatures under zero can instantly affect a chip overnight, causing it grow, and eventually split open the entire windshield. Many car dealerships within the North York region have been looking for a solution to prevent auto glass that breaks easily. Needless to say, they have yet to find a solution, and so the auto glass business continues to soar. Each year, Auto Glass experts continue to provide local residents with a plethora of solutions. These solutions have saved lives and are very convenient for residents. In 1903, Mary Anderson, invented the windshield wipers. In the cold wintery months, she noticed how hard it was to keep snow from falling on her windshield. As a result, she came up with an invention that continues to benefit many lives in the North York auto glass neighbourhood. A series of events continue to occur resulting in a number or Auto Glass professionals using their minds to create a simpler life for humanity. As the world continues to change, so will the Auto Glass industry. New technology will need to be introduced in order to decrease the number of accidents reported each year due to windshield cracks. With the help of local residents, and the continued dedication of industry experts, the Auto Glass industry will continue to flourish.

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