30 May

Protection Pads: An Auto glass protection technique

Protection pads for the Windshield and support kits for auto glass provide extra strength to it and ensure that it can withstand the accidental shocks and keep the thieves at bay. In an accident, the major cuts and injuries to the occupants are caused due to the broken window glasses or the windshield. The vehicle […]

23 Mar

Uses of glass in different industries

The glass is one of the most used elements in the world today. From vehicles to buildings and smartphones, glass is being used in the majority of industries for many reasons. In the list below we take a look at some of the industries where glass is used the most. Auto glass Ajax has been […]

23 Feb

Auto Glass Repair services in Oshawa

Auto Glass requires a little maintenance but there are times when you might require some sort of repair in regards to your Auto Glass. We understand your need and that is why we came up with Oshawa Auto Glass Repair. If you have a broken or a chipped auto glass, you don’t have to worry […]

25 Jan

Taking Care of Auto Windshield Glass

Auto-Owners and drivers are already aware of the importance of windshield of a vehicle. The utility of Windshield comes from the fact that it bears the heavy amount of air pressure which strikes the auto from the opposite direction. Hence, auto glass Oshawa is made of toughened glass. However, it is not indestructible and due […]