How can I prevent my auto glass from cracking in the winter?

To many Toronto Auto Glass professionals, the winter is known as the peak season for chipped, cracked and broken auto glass due to extreme low temperatures. Like rain in the fall, hail is very common during the winter season in Toronto. Last year, over 120 residents were affected by pieces of the hail comparable to the size of 3 small rocks put together. Natural disasters are not typically covered by your insurance provider in the Greater Toronto Area region. As a result, it is imperative you avoid all types of windshield cracks hail can cause. If you have the opportunity to move your car into a sheltered area, such as a garage, you can avoid possible damage. Another reason as to why auto glass industry experts find this season to be a peak season for cracks is, winter hosts the most popular event of the year, which is Christmas. As many shoppers are known to be procrastinators, they often speed down slippery streets as they have to buy last minute gifts. Due to this dangerous habit, accidents are 10x more likely to happen in December. It is for you safety and benefit you refrain from breaking speed laws in the Toronto Auto Glass area. Head on collisions are one of the main causes for extreme windshield damage. The most minor motor vehicle collision can lead to windshield damage, so, you must drive with care. In the attempt to protect drivers from slipping on ice, salt is equally proportioned on major roads. These roads are shared with trucks, and other large vehicles. Like hail, stones can fly into your windshield causing extreme damage. Driving closely behind a truck or large vehicle could lead to a stone, or even a salt, creating a crack your windshield. Drivers are encouraged to stay at least 3-4 feet behind all large vehicles in the Toronto region. Due an immense amount of snow, and hail caused by frigid weather, your windshield wipers can become warn out. It is recommended you replace any old windshield wipers as they are prone to falling apart during winter. Once they fall apart, the plastic or metal clip inside is exposed to the windshield. This then causes major scratches that cannot always be repaired. Many ice scrapers are available in the Toronto area for the purpose of removing ice from your windshield. Take advantage of these products and refrain from using objects that are not meant to be used as this can cause major damage. Low temperature is the main reason for small cracks caused by stone chips to turn into huge cracks that can no longer be repaired. Although it is not okay to drive around with windshield chips in the summer, it is a lot safer than driving around with them in the winter. Overnight in the Greater Toronto Area, cars are painted with fog due to high temperatures. It is imperative you clean your car off as soon as possible. In doing this, you are able to keep your windshield clean allowing you see if any flying debris created small cracks occurred while were inside. Take extra care of your windshield during this very cold season. Carefully read the ingredients on the back of cleaning products as many chemicals are not recommended to be used on windshield glass.


Is my windshield repairable?


Many motor vehicle owners in the Mississauga Auto Glass area find themselves in situations that lead to a damaged windshield. After noticing a crack on your windshield, you often wonder if it is repairable or not. Many auto glass repair shops in the GTA are greeted by customers who have unfortunately had to ask themselves that question. In most situations, a windshield crack can be repaired. However, auto glass industry professionals say it does depend on four major factors; the location of the crack, the type of crack, the size of the crack and the depth of the crack. If your crack is located on the inside of the windshield, many auto glass repair store owners are unable to fix it. Windshields are consisted of layers and are not easily separated. Many residents in the Mississauga region believe contaminated cracks on their windshield can be repaired. This is not right at all. No matter the size, if your windshield crack is contaminated with debris, it cannot be repaired. In the auto glass industry, they are also unable to repair cracks located in the driver’s critical viewing area. With the constant flow of traffic in the Mississauga area, there is a 50% chance motor vehicles operators will get into an accident. Head on collisions can easily create cracks that are over 18 inches long. The top auto glass professionals will have no success in repairing a crack of this length. It is advised you get your whole windshield replaced instead as this is the safest route to take. Technicians in the stone chip repair industry have the ability to repair cracks that are 1.25 inches in length. These repairs typically take between 30-40 minutes. Certified auto glass professionals must carefully drill into the crack and fill it with resin in which hardens the crack. This process can only be done by an auto glass repair expert. Leaving your car outside during a hail storm can result in multiple complex cracks. These cracks are unfortunately not repairable. Your whole entire windshield will need to be replaced as the auto glass technicians are unable to drill into every single complex crack. Although this is quite rear, many windshields have cracks that are over their internal radio antenna or their rain sensor. This too, cannot be repaired. In the Mississauga region, it is imperative you take all of the appropriate steps to ensure there is actually a crack in your windshield. Many auto glass professionals advise the residents in the Mississauga Auto Glass region to gently rub their stone chip with a dry cloth. Once this is done, you may notice your “crack” has disappeared. Dirt marks often leave the illusion of broken class. Every month, auto glass repair workers in the Mississauga district happily inform customers that there is not actually a crack in their windshield. In the auto glass industry, old cracks that have previously been repaired cannot be repaired again. The risk of the entire windshield shattering is at hand and employees cannot take that chance. Your auto glass technician must be able to locate where your crack or chip is. If this is not possible, many auto glass professionals cannot repair it.