25 Jan

Taking Care of Auto Windshield Glass

Auto-Owners and drivers are already aware of the importance of windshield of a vehicle. The utility of Windshield comes from the fact that it bears the heavy amount of air pressure which strikes the auto from the opposite direction. Hence, auto glass Oshawa is made of toughened glass. However, it is not indestructible and due to some incidents or aging, it is possible that minor cracks might appear on it. If a Windshield is damaged then auto glass Oshawa repair is the next option one is left with. Contrary to it, if certain precautions and tips are taken into considerations such annoying indentation on the auto glass can be avoided.

Accidents, as commonly known are the cause for damaging auto and this include auto glass Oshawa damage. However, apart from accidents following is a list of things and actions which could turn out to be a reason for windshield break.

1. Parking Area: This might sound like an advertisement of a parking lot but in soothe it is safe to park there as compared to roadside parking. A roadside parking involves risk of being brushed by any passerby vehicles or even makes the auto vulnerable to notorious onlookers. So, a secured parking space is important to be sure that no harm is incurred to the vehicle while you are away.

2. Removing the frost: Frost and snow are common in Canada and thus, it is even more common to find it on the windshield.

a. Ice scrapers used to remove these frost must be made up of plastic so that they are smooth on the glass surface. Metal scrappers are more probable to damage the auto glass.

b. Another method to remove ice from the auto glass is by using hot water. But before attempting so, make sure the auto is left to heat up for sometime else minor cracks might develop n the glass.

3. Wiper Check: Checking the wipers on regular basis is yet another preventive maintenance work for the windshield. It is important that the wiper surface is smooth as it has to glide over the glass. Hence, any irregularities in the wiper or any considerable size particle in between the wiper and the windshield will definitely cause damage.

4. Precautions while driving: Indeed, avoiding rash driving is a parameter to avoid accidents but in order to maintain a healthy windshield there are a few other things which must also be avoided.

a. Tailgating: Tailgate refers to the phenomena when small stones or earth particles take momentum from the rear wheels and fly in a forward circle with chances to hit right into the windshield. This happens at times when the vehicle is driven at high speed. Hence, special care must be taken on speed part if the road has small stones on it.

b. Keep adequate distance from heavy motor vehicles: The heavy auto mentioned here mainly include trucks carrying construction loads and dumps. Being right behind such trucks exposes the windshield for damage if pieces of the load which the truck carries flow outside and hit the glass.

5. Windshield check: One must carry on regular checks of the windshield to ensure that it is free from small chips. A small chip on the auto glass if left unattended for a long time can lead to a big crack rendering the glass useless.
Small chips in the windshield can be repaired by Auto Glass Changers and we strive to be the best auto glass repair Oshawa. We also specialize in auto glass replacement at very competitive rates.

With above tips, AGC has tried its best to make the common man aware of methods to increase the life of auto glass and hence save considerable bucks.

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