Auto Glass Tinting Services

Drive cooler and in style with tinted auto glass. Our Richmond Hill auto glass team can provide tinting for any type of vehicle to improve your overall driving experience. As well as providing you with proper protection from the glare of the hot sun, tinted auto glass can help to preserve your upholstery, reduce hot spots and brightness, improve overall vehicle climate, and increase privacy. Adding tint to your windows is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We offer custom and professional window tinting with guaranteed amazing results. With our expert and high-quality application you can be sure your windows are in good hands! Our Richmond Hill auto glass experts remain updated about the many window tinting laws that have been put in place by the authoritative figures of Ontario. We'll refrain from placing you in a situation where you can receive a ticket from a police officer due to your windows being too dark. Unlike many other auto glass shops, we care about your well being and we'll continue to assist you with the process of saving money.

Tinted windows can increase the overall appearance of your car. They're also great at hiding any valuables that you may have left on the seats. Although we highly recommend you to take all of your valuables out of the car with, the odd event may occur where you end up leaving them in the car. Unlike regular windows, the tint on your auto glass will effectively hide your valuables, preventing thieves from making you their next target. Tinted windows are also very sensitive to certain cleaning products. You should always read the label or contact one of our auto glass professionals in order to ensure you refrain from damaging your tint. The great thing about us is that we only apply high quality tint that doesn't easily peel off. Our fellow auto glass technicians have been trained and certified to effectively apply tint to your windows.

This grants you with the ability to drive away knowing your tint will last and it is of the highest quality. Our warranty programs cover you in the very rare event that you're unhappy with your new purchase. In addition to that, we can effectively lighten or darken the shade that we originally provided you with. If you're unhappy with the work that was done by another auto glass company, simply give us a call and we'll fix it in no time. Our tint remains undamaged by water and rain. Regardless of the weather, you can guarantee that your tint will remain unblemished. It is important for you to ensure to always take care of your window tint and carefully wash it with cleaners that aren't harmful. Our technicians can surely solve any problems that you have with your tint, however, you effort to avoid all issues will save you money.

Once we have effectively tinted your windows, we'll examine them to make sure all spots are covered and you're good to go. Our experts know exactly how to accurately ensure that your window tint is up to par and of the best quality. We have been successfully solving window tint issues and applying window tint for decades! Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Our technicians have great customer service skills and you'll feel right at home as soon you enter through our doors.

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