Auto Glass Changers began its mission of excellence in 1989, through the vision of their founder, Mr. Haji, a refugee and simple tradesman that had worked his way up to a management position through sheer dedication. After the recession hit, and he found himself searching for employment, he was unhappy with the lack of opportunities. With this motivation, he decided to open his own business and, soon after, began to lead the industry with superior auto glass repair. The company continues on with his vision, in his memory, with more dedication than ever before.

What started with simple beginnings, and just a single vehicle as the mobile “shop,” has now become one of the largest auto glass repair companies in the GTA. Auto Glass Changers currently has two large warehouses located in the Toronto, Canada area, with a convenient mobile service that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. No matter what your auto glass replacement needs are, Auto Glass Changers provides an immediate response with quality always guaranteed. From our competitive prices to our superior services, we have the perfect solution for your auto glass repair needs!

Auto Glass Changers is a name growing at a successfully fast rate in the Toronto auto glass repair industry, and our customized auto glass repair standard will soon be expanded, by offering franchise opportunities. We want to take the Auto Glass Changers model across the nation, with our superior service and guaranteed quality. We look forward to our future expansion: Coming to a neighborhood near you!

About Us

In the auto glass repair industry, the safety of your vehicle is always at the top of the list for advancement and improvement. As a leader in GTA Auto Glass Repair, we invest all of our time and our resources into windshield construction, strength and integrity, and repairing cracks properly and safely.

We can make the repair process super convenient and repair your chip quickly and easily. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, you can come to us, or we can come to you! We understand what an inconvenience needing car repairs can be, so we do our best to make it a simple and efficient experience.

Research shows that the longer a crack is left in your windshield, the worse it can get, making repair a more difficult if not impossible procedure. A small stone chip can grow into a long crack at any moment, obscuring your vision while in the vehicle, and endangering your life and the lives of your passengers.

This increased risk is why it is so important to have professionals evaluate any damage to your windshield as soon as possible. Don’t let a chip or small crack sit for too long. If the crack spreads while driving, it can become a major safety hazard.

In a harsh climate, with extreme temperatures, this increases the chance that your chip will turn into a crack. The differences in temperature, with heat outside and air conditioning inside, this can also increase the risk of the chip cracking faster. Typically, heat will make a crack run vertical and cold makes it run horizontal, and both cause a greater danger to your visual impairment.

Windshield glass is made to be especially strong and resistant to weather and wear. In the event of an accident or collision, the windshield also helps to keep you and your passengers safe inside the vehicle. If ever in a front-end collision, the windshield will provide nearly half the structural integrity of the cabin, and up to 60% if ever in a rollover as it keeps the roof from crushing you.

That makes the impact your windshield can handle vital, in many cases, to your very survival. If your windshield flew out in an accident, it would leave you more vulnerable if the cabin was crushed, and it could also cause you to eject during the crash. Statistics show you are much more likely to be seriously injured if ejected from the vehicle.

Your protection largely depends on how safe you are behind your windshield. An improperly installed windshield can also leave you more vulnerable. That’s why it is so important, for you and your family’s safety that trained professionals perform any repairs, and use the proper windshield for replacement if needed.

The passenger side airbag of most vehicles also uses the windshield when deployed as a barrier to bounce off of. If the structural integrity of your windshield is compromised you risk more serious injury to the passenger, and increasing the chances of their ejection from the vehicle in a crash.

A cracked windshield is a danger in these situations due to its weakened state. If a crash occurred when it was in this state, the impact could break it and leave you and your passengers exposed to greater harm. Don’t take any chances with your safety while driving, and make sure you have any cracks or chips looked at by our professionals today. Call us for a quick and easy solution to your safety concerns!

Auto Glass Repair

We can repair your auto glass to save you time and money. Our experienced technicians can often repair glass damage up to the size of a half dollar, and it could be completed in as little as 30 minutes. If you discover a chip, contact us as soon as possible before it cracks further and requires replacement. Our fast and low-cost repair may be all that you may need.

Welcome To Auto Glass Changers

As one of Canada’s oldest and leading providers in the Automobile Glass Repair & Replacement industry, we are committed to quality and excellence in service. Our family-owned operation has been providing the best in complete auto glass services for the GTA and surrounding areas for over 20 years. You can be confident with our knowledge and experience.

Auto Glass Replacement

With our competitive pricing and fast quality service, you will be relieved to have one of our expert technicians replace your broken auto glass. We can service many makes and models, domestic and foreign, and all of our glass is guaranteed for life or as long as you own the vehicle.

Windshield Safety

Your windshield is one of the most important elements of your vehicle. It provides vital structural support during a collision, and it provides safety for you and your passengers. Have our professionals evaluate any damage to your windshield and determine if a repair is possible or a replacement is necessary. No matter the determination, our team knows how to get you back on the road safely!